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Social Media Plan

It is important as a healthcare professional to maintainaonline presence, to maintain links with other healthcare professionals, to communicate with a larger audience and to establish your presence within your profession. An appropriate online presence is one where your online presence does not cross the line between your professional life and your personal life. It is important to maintain the same level of professionalism online as you would in your work environment

Based on my professional audit I find that my online presence has created a clear boundarybetween my personal and professional life as only my professional information and beliefs are being shared with the public and not my personal intimate life. When I do post online, I will ensure that the information I am sharing is accurate and positive, as it is important to keep a sensitive and encouraging presence.

As a professional you are not obligated to speak up in public or maintain a large online presence, however it is extremely beneficial to use your position of power to spread information, and to create an online environment for others in your field or people who are interested in your field. Social media can be a useful tool for a health care professional to spread awareness about many critical issues, as well as clarify many misconceptions in the health field. In a time where it has become so easy to spread misinformation and falsehoods. It is our responsibility as healthcare workers to share our knowledge to protect the population from fear propaganda.

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