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Curation of Health Information Audit

My first step when doing research on a topic is to search up the topic is to search google then to choose the scholarly articles to ensure that results, I am given are the most accurate and reliable. My next step would be to ask someone who I know is knowledgeable about the topic and who can provide me with valuable information that I can trust is coming from a valid source. When I was at school this would be a professor or a teachingassistant as I know these are people who have studied the practice topic and have looked at various sources for this information.

I always try to use high quality sources such as research papers and primary sources when researching something, and I try to find more than one source that provides the same or similar information about that topic to ensure that the information I am getting isreliable, relevant, and reproduceable. I can tell the quality of my information from its source, is it a credible source, for example when reading researchpaper, I want to make sure it is published in an accredited journal.

When I am doing research, I like to take notes of the information I am getting in a document or electronic notebook, and I like to keep my references in a document to ensure I can support the information I am citing. I also like to save websites orjournals and other high-quality sources of information so that I can use them the next time I am doing research or if I need supplementary information for my research.

An especially useful tool I use is Google scholar as it provides me with high quality sources from accredited journals or sources that I can rely on.

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