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Assignment #1

After completing the first 2 units, reviewing my online professional presence, and comparing it against other professional portfolio’s I decided I need to make some major improvements. The first step in this presence was deciding what kind of presence do I want? Do I want to include my personal life, and personality? Or will I be keeping it strictly surrounding my professional life? Ater reviewing more portfolio's and completing my media audit I decided that my online presence will be limited however will include an in depth look at my professional/academic career. I want others to be able to understand what it is I do as a clinical research coordinator, how I got to where I am, what skills it required and what kind of experience I got on the way. I want my online portfolio to be a place where people can not only learn about what I do but also where they and learn more about clinical research, and its importance.

I have always known that I wanted to work in the healthcare field, and that the ideal environment for me would be one where I can interact with patients but still get to see the administrative side of things. I volunteered in many different environments and shadowed many different healthcare professionals to get an idea of the different options of career paths I could potentially follow, however I was still limited by my understanding of the healthcare system. I shadowed/worked with doctors, nurses, naturopaths, chiropractors, and medical administrator; however, it wasn’t until I started working in clinical research in the cosmetic field that I was introduced to the intricate system that is research. Throughout my entire academic and prior professional career, I had not known of the research field and the various positions available in this system. Once in this system I quickly found my home in clinical research. I fell in love with the work that I do, I find it meaningful and rewarding, and it is the perfect balance of case work, patient interaction and administrative work.

The great part about research is that you can join at any academic or professional level, and still find your place and continue to learn as you work. Clinical research involves the hard work of doctors, nurses, coordinators, lab and imaging technicians, administrators, project managers and many more. All of these health care professionals work together to provide care for patients and at the same time work towards improving care for the future.

My work in research gives me the opportunity to continue to learn something new every day, and no two days are the same, my job keeps me on my toes. I get to make new connections everyday all throughout the hospital across various disciplines. Being able to work alongside different healthcare professionals is truly a gift as I get to learn about the different systems within the hospital, how they work on their own, how they all connect and the way they all work in synergies to create one smooth running machine.

I hope to use my portfolio as a map into the intricate world of clinical research for many young aspiring healthcare workers searching for their home in the healthcare system.

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