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Local Health Insurance Guidelines

Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ)

Defining Health

Sartorius N. The meanings of health and its promotion. Croat Med J. 2006 Aug;47(4):662-4. PMID: 16909464; PMCID: PMC2080455.

Determinants of health

(1) Raphael, D. (2004) Social Determinants of Health, Canadian Perspectives. Canadian Scholars Press Inc., Toronto.
(2) Public Health Agency of Canada. Social Determinants of Health and Health Inequalities -
(3) Wilson K, Jerrett M, Eyles J. Testing Relationships among Determinants of Health, Health Policy, and Self-Assessed Health Status in Quebec. International Journal of Health Services. 2001;31(1):67-89. doi:10.2190/BW3R-89N6-JNRP-FUEG

Levels of Influence

Mayor, S. (2020). Covid-19: Impact on cancer workforce and delivery of care. The Lancet Oncology, 21(5), 633.

Levels of Influence

Patt, D., Gordan, L., Diaz, M., Okon, T., Grady, L., Harmison, M., Markward, N., Sullivan, M., Peng, J., & Zhou, A. (2020). Impact of covid-19 on cancer care: How the pandemic is delaying cancer diagnosis and treatment for American seniors. JCO Clinical Cancer Informatics, (4), 1059–1071.

Levels of Influence

Blay, J. Y., Boucher, S., Le Vu, B., Cropet, C., Chabaud, S., Perol, D., Barranger, E., Campone, M., Conroy, T., Coutant, C., De Crevoisier, R., Debreuve-Theresette, A., Delord, J. P., Fumoleau, P., Gentil, J., Gomez, F., Guerin, O., Jaffré, A., Lartigau, E., … Beaupere, S. (2021). Delayed care for patients with newly diagnosed cancer due to covid-19 and estimated impact on cancer mortality in France. ESMO Open, 6(3), 100134.

Marginalized Groups

Roach P, Ruzycki SM, Hernandez S, et al Prevalence and characteristics of anti-Indigenous bias among Albertan physicians: a cross-sectional survey and framework analysis BMJ Open 2023;13:e063178. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2022-063178

Phillips-Beck, W., Eni, R., Lavoie, J. G., Avery Kinew, K., Kyoon Achan, G., & Katz, A. (2020). Confronting Racism within the Canadian Healthcare System: Systemic Exclusion of First Nations from Quality and Consistent Care. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17(22), 8343.

Find some relevant and useful links I use in my everyday life as a clinical research coordinator at the Mcgill University Health Centre.

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